About Us

Ecoculture Training and Consultancy was formed in 2016 by Rebone Ignitia Hlagala, based in Gauteng. The company is 100% black female owned and was established to promote ecoculture throughout South Africa and its immediate region by creating partnerships, developing and encouraging quality ecoculture experiences and providing the industry with a clear voice. We aim to offer a platform for the exchange and interaction of ideas, research, and points of view and to promote ecocultural training and consultancy in a digital era, by bringing people together from differing countries.

We always strive to maintain highest standards of safety by adopting best industrial practices of Safety of its employees and takes care of the health of the employees by organizing health check up camps and initiating specific health related matters.

Our Vision

  • To be trusted stewards of valuable natural resources, to deliver economic prosperity, improved social well-being and a healthy environment for today and tomorrow.

Our Mission

  • To maximize our shareholders’ worth in a manner consistent with our Vision and Culture.

We are about our people and our environment and to meet our social, environmental, and community obligations. We recognize and value diverse perspectives and seek people who will passionately share their ideas and opinions including diversity of thought, background, experience and lifestyle because it is these things which encourage us all to innovate and grow. We set high expectations and trust our people to deliver extraordinary results and we take the time to recognize and celebrate when they do.